Roberto Passarella was born in Jesi (AN) in 1989. He began studying the bandoneon with his father, Héctor Ulises Passarella, at the age of 11 years.


2007 - He started to play in his father’s ensemble in various places once the most important are the Teatro Lauro Rossi in Macerata, Pesaro hall of the Prefecture, the Music Festival of Chieti, Music Festival Bodrum, Istanbul Auditorium, Auditorium of Udine, the Music Festival of Bari, Istituto Italo-Latino Americano in Rome, Teatro Marcello in Rome, International Festival Tango y Más.


2008 - He composed the musical Oratory "Caravaggio: The Shape of Shadows" dedicated to the great painter with the text of Matteo Ricucci, and conducted his work in the Music Festival of San Ginesio. He wrote three string quartets, 2 symphonies, and others chamber music pieces. He also graduated from high school.


2009 - Roberto is teacher-collaborator in the “Centre of Bandoneòn" in Rome at the Palazzo Santa Croce of Istituto Italo-Latino Americano. 


2010 - In the Music Festival of San Ginesio he performed his drama "Arthur, pride of Eros" in which he wrote lyrics and music, inspired by the philosophical theme of Eros comparing classical philosophy and contemporary philosophy. 


2011 - In collaboration with the "Centre of Bandoneòn" in Rome, with the 'Embassy of Uruguay' in Italian, with the 'Istituto Italo Latino Americano in Rome and the' Cervantes Institute in Rome, he played in 3 meetings entitled "Cuentos y bandoneon" dedicated to music and literature of the 'Uruguay, held in the' Instituto Cervantes (Piazza Navona) between. In the same year he was guest in the TV show "Prossima fermata" LA7, conducted by Federico Guiglia. He also appeared numerous times on the news of RAI 3 during its various performances held in the Marche. In September, he performed with the Trio Symposium at the Teatro Marcello in Rome. 


2012 - He participated as a bandoneon player, composer and conductor of the Festival Tango y todavia Màs in Teatro Lauro Rossi and in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law of Macerata. He has collaborated in the drafting of the Treaty theoretical and practical "The Bandoneòn: Know it and play it," written by his father H.U.Passarella, presented during this event.


2013 - He graduated in Philosophy with a thesis entitled "Philosophy of Music: from Theodor W. Adorno to Glenn Gould" at the 'University of Macerata, where he lives. He also partecipated in the conducting Masterclass by M° Jorma Panula in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Spain).


2014 - The Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatory “Rossini”of Pesaro performed his composition “Piéce Ludique – Scherzando con Rossini” in the Auditorium “Pedrotti” in homage to Gioacchino Rossini. The Vatican Radio broadcast a program on his carrer as composer and as concert player. In june 2014 he performed as bandoneòn player and conductor the first of his composition “Mass Qoelet” in the Palace of Vatican Chancellery, with the support of Uruguay Embassy at the Holy Seat in homage to Pope Francesco and J.G.Artigas. This concert have been broadcast by Vatican Radio. 

In october he graduated in Composition at the Conservatory “Rossini”of Pesaro. 

He also played a tour of 5 concerts as bandoneòn duo with his father, H.U.Passarella, in the Shanghai Concert Hall, in the Century Square of Nanjing Road of Shanghai, in the Grand Wuxi Theatre for the 16th edition of the Festival World Music Shanghai.


2015-  He played his arrangiaments of famous Tangos with "Mitteleuropa Orchestra", conducted by M° Giovanni Pacor, at the "Modena" Theatre in Palmanova.  He also performed in Roma (Villa Torlonia) in his father's ensemble for the Embassy of Uruguay  in Italy.

Passarella Duo Bandoneòn played in Matera and Pordenone for the International Fa Diesis Accordion Festival.


2016- He plays as soloist in the RAI miniseries Soundtrack "Tango per la libertà", composed by Stefano Lentini.